Magnesium Oxide Screening Scheme

Magnesium oxide is commonly known as bitter soil, also known as magnesium oxide. Magnesium oxide is an alkaline oxide with the general properties of alkaline oxides and belongs to a cementitious material. White or light yellow powder, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, is a typical alkaline earth metal oxide, chemical formula MgO, white powder, soluble in acid and ammonium salt solution. When exposed to the air, it is easy to absorb moisture and carbon dioxide and gradually become basic magnesium carbonate. The light product is faster than the heavy product. It combines with water to form magnesium hydroxide under certain conditions, showing a slightly alkaline reaction. The pH of the saturated aqueous solution is 10.3.

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It is mainly grading, which divides particles and powders into particle segments of different sizes.After the refractory raw materials are crushed, finely ground and screened, they are generally stored in the storage bin for ingredients. A big problem with powders stored in silos is particle segregation. Because the powder particles are generally not a single particle size, but are composed of continuous particle sizes from coarse to fine, but the ratio of particle size and particle size between various powders is different. When the powder is unloaded into the silo, the coarse and fine particles begin to stratify, the fine powder is concentrated in the central part of the discharge port, and the coarse particles roll to the periphery of the silo. When the material is discharged from the silo, the material in the middle flows out from the discharge port first, and the surrounding material descends with the material layer, and is divided into the middle, and then flows out from the discharge port to cause particle segregation. At present, the methods to solve the particle segregation in storage bins in production mainly include the following: (1) Multi-stage sieving of the powder, so that the particle size difference of the powder in the same silo is smaller. (2) Increase the feeding port, that is, multi-port feeding. (3) Separate the silo.Qualified powder of raw materials → pair of roller crusher → vibrating screener → particle size analysis and inspection → batching electronic scale → mixer → particle size analysis and inspection → packaging → finished productThe vibrating screening machine is generally arranged in the high-rise workshop of the crushing workshop. The center line of the screening equipment and the center line of the bucket elevator are horizontally aligned, and the distance between them should ensure the size required for the installation of the chute between the bucket elevator and the screening machine. In order to improve the screening efficiency and make the material cover the screen surface, a dividing plate can be set at the entrance of the screen.

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